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You might have heard of him referred to as 6’5″, but Samuel Sirmons is one of the youngest in the industry, but is well on his way to becoming a mover and shaker. New to the Coachella Valley, but he’s actually one of the fastest rising interns turned producer to present day on-air talent for U-92.7.

Sirmons who proudly represents the Midwest, by way of Indiana, is a graduate of Kokomo High School. Much like his mentors, Ryan Cameron & Greg Street, 6’5″ stays on the grind and is always striving to take his craft to the next level. It’s his hustle, “never say never” mentality that has brought him this far and will continue take him even further.

During his undergrad at Ball State University, 6’5″ was omnipresent with hosting several events and apart of several organizations. Everything changed when someone told him to give the campus radio station, WCRD 91.3 FM, a shot. From his initial show going from one hour on Friday afternoons to a three hour block on Thursday nights, which went down as one of the most successful & controversial shows to ever hit the station.

Upon graduation, 6’5″ was standing at a crossroads, either stay at home and start job hunting with a degree in Telecommunications or take an internship with V-103Atlanta. He packed his life up and headed to the South, where he interned under Greg Street and sat in with Ryan Cameron in the afternoons. After completion of his internship, a position in programming opened up as a board operator and he was offered the position. After earning the trust of several colleagues on the staff, including Cameron, he was asked to assist in the inception of The Ryan Cameron Morning Show.

The versatility he possess didn’t just stop on the morning show. He’s successfully produced several live broadcasts from concerts, community events, including the NCAA Final Four. He has also been the producer/board operator for personalities such as Ramona DeBreaux, Bigg Tigger, Greg Street, & Roland Martin.

In the summer of 2016, 6’5″ found his way to Palm Springs, CA where he is the night personality for U-92.7 as well as a Promotions Coordinator for their Alpha Media stations. Very excited to get involved in the area, you will see him at various community functions and sporting events!

As he continues to remain humble and never taking this opportunity for granted, he plans on keeping on being a force in the radio industry for years to come.

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