There’s A Familiar Ghostwriter….FIND OUT WHO!

If you love music, you love knowing that your favorite artist is writing their own music. They may be taking from their heartbreaks, their adversity growing up, or just something they wanted to put out for our enjoyment. One artist that has been linked to a ghostwriter is the rap superstar, Drake.

We all know about Quentin Miller by now, but in the slight chance that you don’t, let me refresh your memory quickly. Drake didn’t tweet Meek Mill‘s album. Meek Mill not only gets mad, he gets super mad. He goes to his album credits and tweets that Drake doesn’t write his own raps. Fast forward, Drake recognizes Quentin Miller as a contributor to his records. Doesn’t hurt overall, Drake still selling out shows & millions of records, Meek Mill is still dealing with court cases and also being one of the most used meme in 2015.

But, never doubt Drake’s pen game. Here are 6 songs that he wrote that other artists have performed:

  1. “RIP” Rita Ora
  2. “Fall For Your Type” Jamie Foxx
  3. “I’ve Been That Girl” Melanie Fiona
  4. “Father Stretch My Hands”, “30 Days”, & “Facts” Kanye West
  5. “Unthinkable (I’m Ready)” Alicia Keys
  6. “Mine” Beyonce

I mean, there’s probably at least 70 Grammy’s here between all these artists. And the “Six Degrees Of Separation” that links us to anyone in the world is more like 1 degree in this case. For example, Kanye West has hits with Beyonce (Ego) & Jamie Foxx (Gold Digger). Melanie Fiona is from Toronto, as is Drake. Rita Ora was a part of the RocNation family, owned by Jay Z, who is married to Beyonce. Alicia Keys & Beyonce have worked on projects together as well.

Drake isn’t just writing hits for himself, he’s definitely spreading the wealth!

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