21 Savage Suggests It’s Fine for Men To Cheat

21 Savage was a guest on the podcast, Million Dollars Worth of Game with Gillie and Wallo
During the podcast 21 said that he can’t forgive a woman if she cheats on him
Cheat on me its over. I will never speak to you in life.
He said it’s because every time he gets in a disagreement with his lady he will always remember her being intimate with another guy (this is the paraphrased version of what he said)
He said it is ok for men to cheat because men are natural conquerers.
21 said once another man gets between him and his woman he feels like that man has leverage and can find out anything he needs to about him (21)
Cheating is wrong BUT are women more understanding of men cheating on them than men are of women cheating on them?