Drake Discussed The First Time He Heard The Weeknd

Recently, Drake reflected on the first time he heard The Weeknd and shows him a lot of love right before a sold-out Toronto show.

Drake said, “This right here, this little driveway area right here, this the first place I ever heard the Weeknd’s music, right here.”

He continued, “Shout out to Oliver [El-Khatib], of course, my brother. Oliver played me the Weeknd right here. And it’s my old building, in Toronto. We were parked out here, and it was raining. And that same guy selling out SkyDome tomorrow night.”

He added, “That man is selling out the SkyDome. I just want anybody that’s trying to do this s**t to understand, like, I heard this man’s music right here for the first time. Pouring rain. It’s a great life.”