Is Instagram Making Us Mentally Ill?

 If you’re the kind of person who thinks Instagram is a more positive experience than the other social media sites, beware. The service could be fueling a mental health crisis.

A recent study from the UK’s Royal Society for Public Health found that “Instagram use was associated with high levels of anxiety, depression, bullying and FOMO, or the ‘fear of missing out.'”

According to Psychiatrist Dr Sapna Bangar, when some people see the perfect lives and perfect bodies shared on the site, it causes the viewer to develop feelings of inadequacy.

Some experts believe that the site encourages people to portray a false version of themselves by allowing editing and filters, and it can instill a sense of inferiority when the user doesn’t receive enough likes.

Do you worry that our social media use could be damaging society? Have you taken steps to reduce your time staring at your phone?



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