Alicia Keys’ Best Skincare Advice Is Real, Relatable — & Free

Alicia Keys has been on a skincare journey since 2016. She stopped wearing makeup and normalized public bare face.

Fast-forward to her debut skincare line, “Keys Soulcare” which debuted in the United Kingdom earlier this year.

Now Keys is spilling the tea on her best skincare advice. “The best piece of skincare advice — honestly — that I’ve ever been given is to keep shady people away from you,” said Alicia.

The singer talked about keeping stressful situations at bay saying, “It changes everything: it changes your spirit, it changes your face and it changes your skin because that energy affects us. Life taught me that and, to me, that’s the best skincare advice.”

Each one of Alicia’s Soulcare products will have a positive mantra stamped on them promoting self-care and self-love. What is your favorite skincare tip?