A Decade of Beats, Rain, and Resilience – Splash House 2023

The sun-soaked desert oasis of Palm Springs witnessed a monumental celebration as Splash House marked its 10-year anniversary in style. From heart-pounding beats to unexpected weather challenges, the weekend was a rollercoaster of music, energy, and resilience. Let’s dive into the highlights of an unforgettable weekend that showcased both incredible performances and the indomitable spirit of the Splash House team.

Courtesy of Splash House // William Song – @willysong

The music was the heartbeat of the 10-year Splash House anniversary, with an eclectic lineup that left attendees in awe. Sets from Side Piece, Matroda, Classixx, Chris Lake, Channel Tres, and more electrified the stages and created an atmosphere of pure euphoria. From pulsating basslines to soulful melodies, each artist brought their A-game, reminding us why Splash House remains a pinnacle of electronic music festivals.

Courtesy of Splash House // Mike K – @mikeeekimchi

Mother Nature had her plans too, as a hurricane decided to join the celebration. The Splash House team demonstrated remarkable resilience and professionalism in the face of adversity. As the hurricane approached, they prioritized the safety of attendees while ensuring the party continued. Friday and Saturday unfolded as planned, setting the stage for a climactic finale. Then came the decision on Sunday to move the festivities indoors, providing a haven from the storm’s wrath without dampening the spirits of partygoers.

Courtesy of Splash House // William Song – @willysong

What truly set this anniversary weekend apart was the unbreakable vibe that persisted throughout. Despite the unexpected challenges, the sense of community, music appreciation, and pure joy remained undiminished. Attendees danced through raindrops and reveled in the energy, united by their shared love for music and celebration.

Courtesy of Splash House // Gina Joy – @ginajoyphoto

The 10-year Splash House anniversary finale weekend was not just about music; it was a testament to human resilience, adaptability, and unity. The organizers’ dedication to keeping everyone safe while ensuring the party didn’t miss a beat deserves applause. Their quick thinking and unwavering commitment to the festival’s spirit showcased why Splash House continues to be a favorite among festival-goers.


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